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With an extensive background in the hotel industry and many years working for the NBA catering to some of the biggest athlete's hotel needs, Jamie Glassman has integrated his hospitality background into condo management.

"One of the main reason folks are looking for a change in management is lack of communication.  How many phone messages get left un-returned?  How long do the other guys take to email you back? Communication is what clients need and that is what I have based my business model after."

Awards & Testimonials

Jamie Glassman is the President of JAZ Condos. Over the last decade, Jamie has built a reputation as a property manager who relates to the issues that condominiums face.  "I'm a father of 3, I have a loving wife who fights for children's rights in the District and I really just like people.  I know so many property management companies out there avoid Condos, but for me in DC...it's what I do.  I have long standing relationships with board members, owners and even former owners.  I feel like the personal touch is where other management firms fall short."


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